23 November, 2005

Thursday group discussion

Here is a study plan for the next four Thursday nights, to improve our intake of the Word as a group. It is a devastatingly simple plan which involves investigating the Christmas story in the scriptures for four weeks, beginning this Thursday night, the 24th of November. Below you'll see the passages we'll be examining, and a few starter questions to get us thinking and question-asking about these passages. The questions are merely a starting point (not an ending point) and aimed at helping us interact meaningfully with what we're reading.

Of course, this simple plan requires that each of us spends some time before the Thursday night meetings (maybe 30 mins) examining these scriptures and thinking about them. I suspect we'll each find that our connection with the scriptures will be proportional to the amount of time we spend actually interacting with the Word.

Let's give it a try, see if it works! See you Thursday.


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