18 November, 2005

The Journey Emerging...

OK, I admit I'm probably putting up here more than we few can chew to any degree of adequacy but alas, I'm up browsing blogs and my mind is a racing...

I came again across an Andrew Jones post where he notes 3 areas of potential emergence. It has been fun to see these areas in action within The Journey and its larger community:

"1. Submerging - those going deep into culture to listen, think, pray, and share the gospel among the emerging culture." - I think specifically of those of us who did the deconstructing thing. I also think of those we are connected to, seeing them simply existing in the Irish culture, sharing the gospel both directly and indirectly.

"2. Emerging - When the new church structures begin to rise up and take shape organically inside the culture, a process that will often be described as having "emergent characteristics" and displaying "emergent behavior." - OK, I think this is us, not that we have to assume the label "Emergent Church" or agree with everything "emerging," but in that we are growing organically out of a conversation that began over 2 years ago.

"3. Converging - When the new church structures begin to connect to the other existing structures, local and global, and form part of the web that is the body of Christ." - I think we saw this most recently when Andrew Jones was just out, but also in connecting with others in Ireland thinking through similar questions both online, at meetings (planned & accidental), and in networking.


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