24 January, 2007


Ever wonder who's representing you in the government? A new site hopes to interview and podcast each of the elected TDs for your viewing pleasure. Check out Dáil30 and see who you voted for.

23 January, 2007


A few of us will be making the trip up to Belfast to take part in the Soliton discussions happening up there. The event will actually go on from Feb 1st-4th but I think we're only going to be able to make the day trip on Thursday. Anyone interested in a lift up there from Dublin, send us an email.

Who are We and Where are We Going?

Those who have been involved with The Journey at the core level know that we have no idea what we're doing. In fact there's even skepticism as to whether we can call what we do church. Well, last Sunday the questions of identity arose again and will be carried on next Sunday for those wanting to join us in discussion. Here are some of the questions on the table:

What are some rhythms which might be useful/beneficial for us as a community?  

Of course any rhythms we actually practice will grow out of the things which we hold dear, which are valuable to us.  What would you say are some core values we currently hold? 

Should we aim to create a community in which to bring others into or should we aim to bring Jesus into communities that already exist? Is there a difference in the approaches?

Borg on John 3:16

Beliefnet.com has a great video piece with Marcus Borg who helps us rethink our understanding of John 3:16. He asserts that John wasn't talking about some future time when we might attain eternal life but that John was asserting that we can have eternal life now. In other words, this verse isn't about getting to heaven, it's about heaven getting here.

100th Post and a New Feel

Well I've gone and upgraded the website again. We are using a new version of blogger so it only seemed natural. Oh, and this is the 100th post. Feels like a milestone.


14 January, 2007


We gathered again this Sunday morning but instead of our regular brunch and Bible chat we listened to a talk given my Mike Frost somewhere in Canada. Marilyn had found it online at resonate.ca. There are in fact 13 talks by Frost there as well as others (N.T. Wright, McLaren, etc.).