24 December, 2006

Christmas in Glasthule

A few of us from The Journey joined up with members of DEC and Serve the City this Christmas to remind others (and ourselves) that Christ cares little for consumerism and much for people. So, we bought mass amounts of luxury and basic food items (we had your sugar, your tea, your jellies, your can 'o beans, your After Eights, etc.) packed them into re-usable shopping bags, tied a ribbon on the end and distributed them to a community in Glasthule. I had a great time. In fact I think my son Eoin (2) summed it up best when we were driving back home. I asked him if he had a fun time and he replied with excitement, "YA, FUNNNN!"

I think that when we start to re-orient our lives (i.e. our actions, our desires, our feelings, our relationships, etc.) to the way that Jesus lived - we start to see the World as God intended it - and that is FUNNNN. It gives you a joy, a joy that I believe is contagious.

Check out some pics of the day. You'l see pictures of Eoin putting Brandon and myself to shame with his mad guitar playing skills.