25 August, 2006

They Keep Stealing our Name!

Saw another church community with a great name: The Journey. They seem to be slightly more tech savvy. Their site reminds me that this blog needs a face lift.

13 August, 2006

Serving the City

We were delighted to support the Serve the City initiative which was introduced to Dublin this year and led by our friends Alan & Sheryl McElwee. Visiting teams from the US were joined by local volunteers to undertake various d.i.y. projects around Dublin. In all, about 50 volunteers took part. Projects included lots of painting - inside and outside, flooring an attic, putting up shelving, gardening and playing music in a nursing home. Volunteers gathered each day for 1 week to serve and show loving kindness to those who are not in a position to do these jobs for themselves - disabled people, single mums, the poor and the sick.

What a great opportunity to let people know that we care and to serve others as Jesus would have done. As volunteers, we were blessed by those who served alongside us, by hearing the stories of those whom we served and by bringing some joy into their lives. We are looking forward to serving some of these people again and we will also be looking for more serving opportunities in our communities in the weeks and months ahead.

Why not join us on one of these projects or let us know about a project you think we could help with or simply pray for us and for those we are serving. Thanks.