05 February, 2006

James in The Journey

We have been reading through James as a community and it has been a great experience. But the fear in reading James is that it simply remains that - a fun experience. If nothing changes in our lives then reading James must be a scary experience. James is pretty clear that faith is a physical act. And so I was happy to find this post. In it the author (Weekend Fisher) notes 10 places Christians should visit:

  1. Your family members (I Timothy 5:8).
  2. Your neighbors (Luke 10:27).
  3. The person you always say Hi to at church, and think someday you should call (Acts 2:42).
  4. The foreigner that works at the corner store (Exodus 23:9)
  5. A nearby soup kitchen or food pantry (Matthew 25:35)
  6. A social outcast that you know (Luke 7:34)
  7. A nearby hospital or shut-in (Matthew 25:36)
  8. The breakdown lane of the highway (Luke 10:33)
  9. The old friend you lost touch with years ago (Proverbs 18:24)
  10. The person you're avoiding who holds a grudge against you (Matthew 5:23-24)
"Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says." (James 1:22)

04 February, 2006

Cleaning up the Park

The Journey will be meeting tomorrow @11:30 to pick up some trash at Blackrock Park. Come on by and bring a trash bag. We would love to have you join us.

01 February, 2006

The History of the Emerging-Missional Church

Ever wonder where all this Emerging-Missional talk came from? Well Andrew Jones took a stab at answering that question. Enjoy a quick history lesson. I like his conclusion:

The term, "emerging-missional church", favored by Australians and Kiwis, seems to tie together the two strands of missio dei and missio ecclesiae in one phrase. Without the missional, emergent is just style. Without the emergent, missional pours the new wine backwards into old containers, and often without regard to context.

Prayer & Financial Support for Winter Camp

Had a great time tonight on the artificial slope in Kilternan, learning to snowboard with 12 other guys who are coming on The Journey's winter snowboarding camp. Only 12 days to go before we leave. Still many loose ends to be tied up but in general, everything seems to be coming together pretty well, thank God.

Please pray for Matt, Steve, Patrick and Omar who are leading the trip with me. Please also pray for all the guys who are coming on the camp. Pray that the snowboarding will be fantastic, that there will be no serious injuries, that we will have a fun time together and that our evening discussions will help the guys to think differently about Christianity.

Any donations towards the cost of the camp would be gratefully received. The Journey is looking for sponsors to help subsidise the cost of the week and make it as affordable as possible. You can contact us about sponsorship at the following email address: journeycommunity@gmail.com

Thanks for your support.


Snowboarding in Dublin

Just got back from another great night of lessons. Cormac will be a boarder yet! The lads had a great time and I think it got us all excited for the trip to France in the coming weeks. I am wrecked. Please continue to pray for the trip, for safety and that we (the leaders - Cormac, Omar, Peter, Steve and me) would be able to be Christ to these teens.