16 November, 2005

Kids in the Emerging/Organic/Missional/Incarnation...

Kids in the Emerging/Organic/Missional/Incarnational/Emergent/Simple/etc. Church

It has been on my heart recently, the idea of what we should be doing with our kids (and with each other's kids) to see them growing more in love with Christ at The Journey. So I took off for the internet in the hopes that I'd find others struggling through the same questions. I presumed that the question had already been addressed and that there would be a plethora of ideas to work through. Not the case. In searching "children emergent church" in Google I mostly came across blog posts and blog comments. Some suggest that the Emerging Church is not addressing the question as much because in many countries it is very much a youth initiative. But this is not the case across the board and definitely not the case at The Journey.

I love the discussion we had on Sunday about this issue, suggesting Sunday be more activity based and the teaching on the day be organically integrated into that activity (and hence our lives). But I think the discussion still has a ways to go. To help move us along I found an article, again by Neil Cole, letting us know about his experiences in this issue.

Link: What About Kids in Organic Church?


Update: I wonder if this article will help further the discussion at all. It's from Leadership Journal.

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