27 November, 2005

Bible School Cliff Notes

I was on Andrew's blog (surprise, I know) today and came across some articles he pointed too. I quickly noticed they were excerpts/thoughts from a book my Dad has been reading:

"Church Without Walls: Moving Beyond Traditional Boundaries" (Jim Peterson)

The excerpt is HERE and an explanation of how this thinking relates to the emerging conversation is found HERE. I also did a little snooping of my own and I found this review of

"The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21 Century Church" (Michael Frost, Alan Hirsch)

I also found this synopsis of a Mike Frost lecture, as well as some MP3s by him (haven't listened to them yet). If either Mike Frost or Alan Hirsch have blogs I haven't been able to find them yet (even though I have noticed that Alan does post on a lot of people's blogs, c.f. HERE and HERE).

Well there it is, for those of us horrible at reading/finishing books (I think I'm in the middle of 7 or 8 at the moment), here are some Cliff's notes of the ideas. Enjoy.



Phil said...

Thanks for these great links! Hours of reading and listening here.

I've got my own favorite collection of strategic books I try to pass on to people who are re-thinking missional church...and Petersen's Church Without Walls has been on it for a decade. Dallas' Willard's "The Divine Conspiracy" is also one of those books that totally challenged, stretched and re-alligned my thinking about church and discipleship. And now most recently I'm buying and giving away multiple copies of "The Shaping of Things to Come" by Frost and Hirsch.. It's one of those books that I think everyone should be reading..

Anonymous said...

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