17 September, 2005

The Journey On-Line

Cormac and I (Matt) have been throwing around the idea of having a blog for The Journey and as you can tell from the existence of this post, we decided to go for it. But, "why bother?" you might find yourself asking. After all, it's not as if there are so many people in our community that we need a website type thing to keep in touch, right? True, but this isn't a website, it's a blog. A blog is kind of like an online journal in that it is dynamic; it is constantly updated with new posts. The posts on The Journey blog will be put there by none other than us. But again you ask why bother?

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs the other day (Tall Skinny Kiwi) and came across a post that addresses this very question. Why do we blog? Here are ten reasons to blog/have a blog for the Journey:

1. Praise - Many of us are in daily contact with each other but some of us are not. A blog gives us a place to publicly acknowledge God's grace in our lives.

2. Accountability - By posting our ideas we become accountable to each other and to the public (Eph. 5: 21 "Submit yourselves to one another").

3. Vulnerability - By blogging we are creating a community of openness, sharing what is on our hearts and asking others to engage with those ideas.

4, Giving - What we have is not ours to keep but Gods and this includes our thoughts and words of encouragement. A blog provides a place for us to give.

5. Creativity - There is a creative element in blogging.

6. Repentance - Any time we are convinced something we've posted is/was mistaken there is the ability to acknowledge this, change our mind and do so in a public manner.

7. Fellowship - It facilitates fellowship with each other, and fellowship with other churches growing in similar situations all around the world.

8. Evangelism - "Can I get a witness!?!" By blogging we are putting our stories and the story of The Journey down as a witness to God at work in Dublin, Ireland

9. Integrity - What we blog should actually match the way we live.

10. Posterity - There is a history here. In years down the road when we talk about the good old days, like meeting in Karl & Marilyn’s home, we can have a record of that.

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