17 May, 2006

Da Vinci Code on the Late Late Show

If you missed the discussion on the Da Vinci Code on the Late Late Show last Sat. night, you can watch it for the next few days on the RTE web site, see http://www.rte.ie/tv/latelate/

A couple of hundred thousand Irish people would have watched it! Have a look at what they saw and listen to the arguments they heard.

God bless,
Matt (for Cormac)

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knnuki said...

Matt, Today's Irish Tiimes has a great article on p.3 about the DaVinci phenomenon. Tom Hanks and producer Ron Howard are both quoted as saying, essentially, "this stuff is fiction, not theology. Don't take it too seriously, but if it causes you to think, then so be it." A very sane, reasoned resopnse! Contrast Michael Baigent who appeared on the Late Late show: he confidently asserted a bunch of stuff which simply has no historical evidence. At all. Fashionable controvery? Yes, absolutely. But history? No. I was moved enough to write a letter to the Editor of the Irish Times about this. Let's see if it appears in the next day or two. KNN