17 May, 2006

Church as Service

Hailey and I are big fans of the TV show King of the Hill. When I was in college, Hailey would get home, turn on the telly and watch her 3:30 episode every day. We often said that what we appreciated about the humor was its ability to give insight while keeping you laughing. I was shown a recent episode of the Hills looking for a new church and it reminded me of the dangers of viewing church as service. Often times we get into the habit of seeing church as a product - "what can this church offer me?" we think. The reality is that church is the opportunity for service. Let me know what you think of the clip.

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knnuki said...

Church as service courts all kinds of difficulty, not the least of which is the fact that scripture makes no mention of the need for a church service! In my mind, the greatest danger is that it breeds passivity: attendance at a service (or any other formation) turns into our "christian duty" and eventually takes the place of the living, breathing relationship with Christ which is the point of the whole christian life. Despite the best efforts not to go that way, the default setting toward this type of passivity certainly appears huge and deeply-rutted in Irish culture.