29 January, 2006

The Power of Ecto


For those that didn't already know, I recently had my hard drive crash. Bummer? Yes. Luckily I had my wife's PC to play around with while my Mac was in the shop. But what the PC doesn't have is a great application I use for blogging called Ecto. Ecto is kinda like Microsoft Outlook for blogs. You can manage and create your posts offline, it gives you more control over photos and makes linking a snap. But most of all it makes posting easy. You never have to log in again. You simply type what you have to say and post it. It automatically spell-checks everything, AND it handles all of your html needs. Ecto helps reduce my excuses for not blogging, and for that I'm thankful. Best 16 Euros I've spent online. So, if you're thinking of getting into this blogging thing, get Ecto.


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