03 October, 2005

T-Bay Surfing Safari

OK, so it wasn't a surfing safari, but it was quite a drive down there. Tramore is about 2-3 hrs south of Dublin and the waves are never guaranteed. We went down for Saturday and Sunday (1st & 2nd Oct). Just the lads. Who would have thought so much could happen in such a short weekend. I'm still recovering. On the way there we lost a board off of my newly purchased roof rack (apparently ropes aren't the best for strapping things down - who would have figured). I still have dreams of a flying surfboard heading down the middle of a dual-carriage-way, flying upright with cars swerving around it. Despite multiple cars and trucks driving past it, Conor was able to retrieve it out of the middle of the road relatively unharmed. I still can't believe one of my guys ran into the middle of the dual-carriageway! Not the best way to minister to kids or parents! The surf was great on Saturday and barely there on Sunday. Best of all we had a great time getting to know the 15 lads that came along. Here are some pictures of our time there.

T-Bay picture
Surfing Boyaz


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