02 December, 2008


The Journey has begun a new initiative to be intentional about how we live out the Gospel. It's called BELLS. We've decided to insert weekly rhythms into our lives in an effort to define what it means to be a follower of Christ in Blackrock. These are less a set of rules we must do and more a set of commitments we've chosen to do as a reminder that we're all not crazy and are, in fact, a part of something bigger happening in Ireland. So, without delay, here are the BELLS*:

Bless at least 3 people each week. Blessing someone could be as short and simple as a kind word or email or as extravagant as a gift or celebration for someone.

Eat with at least 3 other people each week. If you read about the life of Jesus, you'll see he ate with people a lot. Try to share at least one of these meals with a person who is a not-yet Christian.

Listen to the promptings of God in our lives. Commit specific times of solitude for active listening to God. It's hard to stop so we need to be intentional about doing it.

Learn from Jesus each week. Make sure you spend a significant time each week learning from the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John). If we're hoping to be like Jesus we must know Jesus.

Sent (Journal). This is an affirmation that we are to be missional or "sent" in our nature. We must seek out acts of hospitality, just use of our money, fights for justice and ways to help the poor & marginalized. Take time each week to journal and praise God for how he's sending you.

*We've taken these commitments from Michael Frost's book Exiles - an excellent resource for those searching out how to live missionally.

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