06 March, 2008

The Journey Feb Snowboard Trip

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We made it back from Italy (well almost - more on that later). The trip was amazing. Any time you spend seven days snowboarding over 6 hours each day and incur no major injuries, it's amazing. The beginners did well and kept up with those who'd been before though they took many a fall (two finally gave up and went back to skiing). The weather was phenomenal. We had 7 days of sun. This meant we didn't have much powder but to be honest it allowed us to enjoy ourselves that much more. The night discussions we especially powerful this year, with each of the students feeling free to share and engaging deeply from their hearts. I was on holy ground hearing what they had to say. Thank you to those who helped make this trip possible and who prayed for it.

Towards the end of the week I was thanking God that no major problems had occurred. A few hours later a student walked up to me and informed me he didn't have his passport. We ran back to the hotel, looked everywhere but found nothing. Once at the airport, we were informed that we needed police approval to fly. After speaking to the police they (he) said it wouldn't be possible to fly (the stewardess told us contrary - hmmmm). So, after much debating we had to leave the student and Cormac back in Milan. They made it home the next night just before midnight.

We're running this same trip again in March with another 20 students. Can't wait.

Check out some photos of the trip.


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