08 June, 2006

Surf Trip Update

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We had a great time on the West coast of Ireland for The Journey Surf Trip in Lahinch. I was once again reminded about how cool these lads are. It's always amazing to be hanging out in Clare but feeling like we'd flown to Tenerife. It was hot enough to make you want to get in the water to cool down and once you did you found that it was actually quite pleasant. Great conversations, great food (thanks Hailey) and great company made up for the poor surf. Almost all the guys got up on a board on the first day but the second and third days didn't have enough push. Also, just let me say, I've never seen so many teens covered head to toe by so much shaving foam. I have no idea what the woman at Centra was doing selling 10+ cans of shaving foam to a bunch of students with nothing more than peach-fuzz to show a need for them. But she did it and a foamy mayhem ensued.

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