22 March, 2006

Free Blog Editor

I'm still an Ecto man myself but it ain't free, you have to cough up about 16 Euros to get your hands on it but I just came across a different blog editor that some of you may want to try. Oh ya, and it's free. It is called Qumana and is available for both PC and Mac. Qumana is a free blog publishing application that offers you the ability to create posts on your desktop like you would use Outlook for mail. Qumana helps writers quickly capture, organize and edit chunks of content. Users drag-and-drop pieces of text, links, pictures or images. Then, with one click you can add Technorati tags. Edit and publish the blog post … to as many blogs as you wish … or save it as a draft to work on later. Turn your content into a draft Word document by saving it as HTML or RTF and opening the file in Word. If you want to get into blogging, here is an easy and free way to get there.



bradandgeo said...

matt, thanks for this. i've been trying it a bit and it seems to work quite well.

andrew jones said...

really? cool. i will take a look.

Justin said...

I worked with a client who was using Qumana, and it has this weird copy-and-paste feature that inserts absolutly horrid HTML - if you copy a paragraph from another site, it will grab all of the HTML that goes with it, even if it's invalid when taken out of context (such as tags that are opened but not closed, or vice-versa). The result is posts with tons of DIVs and FONT tags - really ugly code.

Try Zoundry (dot com) for an almost-identical product that doesn't poison your blog with terrible markup.

The Journey said...

Thanks for the heads up Justin